Operations Team


Meet the Team – Blog Series

To provide insight into how our team is supporting you, we have published a series of blogs. Please find these linked below.


Name: Luvjit Kandula
Role: Director of Pharmacy Transformation/Chief Officer

Email: Luvjit@gmlpc.org.uk
Contact Number: 0161 518 5791

Luvjit Kandula – DoPT – Blog


Name: Rikki Smeeton
Role: Principal Responsible Officer

Email: rikki.smeeton@gmlpc.org.uk
Contact Number: 0161 518 5794

Name: Karishma Visram
Role: Communications and Engagement Officer

Email: Karishma@gmlpc.org.uk
Contact Number: 0161 518 5793

Karishma Visram – Comms and Engagement Officer Blog

Name: Adrian Kuznicki
Role: Business Support Officer

Email: Adrian@gmlpc.org.uk
Contact Number: 0161 518 5780

Adrian Kuznicki – Business Support Offer Blog

Name: Louise Gatley
Role: Director of Services

Email: louise@gmlpc.org.uk
Contact Number: 0161 228 6163