GMLPC Staff Take Part in Mental Health First Aid Training

Why Mental Health Training?

Feedback gathered over the past few years in particular has pointed to a significant increase in the pressures faced by contractors and the detrimental impact that this is having on the mental health and wellbeing of your staff.

The decision was made for Office team to undergo this training in order to ensure we are equipped to help you face difficult and challenging situations.


About the course?

The course took place over two days and was delivered by two trainers from by JB Training Partners. As part of this training we took part in open discussions with the trainers who shared their own lived experience in relation to dealing with mental health issues.

We also learnt how to practically apply ALGEE (Assess, Listen, Give support, Encourage professional help, Encourage other methods of self-help) to real life situations which we may be faced with.


What did we enjoy the most?

As a team, we came away with a number of highlights. This included learning about the stress container and how this can be used to identify causes of stress and reduce them. We also learnt about the potential damage that can be caused by our choice of language in certain situations and how alternative phrases can be of more benefit in these difficult conversations around mental health. Taking part in the training as a team was enjoyable and added an additional dimension to the learning experience.


Why we would recommend it?

We would recommend all contractors to each have one person within their pharmacy team who has taken part in Mental Health First Aid Training. This would mean that if any staff member is struggling with their mental health for any reason, they would immediately have somebody on hand that is qualified to support them.


We are here to help

As always, we are here to help our contractors and pharmacy teams. If you are struggling with your mental health and would like someone to talk to, please get in touch. Our staff are all happy to help and are now qualified in Mental Health First Aid.