Thursday 20th June – NPA Day of Action

The NPA have launched their Save our Pharmacies Campaign #SaveOur Pharmacies and are proposing that community pharmacies have a co-ordinated day of action on Thursday 20th June.

Save our Pharmacy Campaign packs have already been sent to all NPA members including posters, stickers, a petition, postcards, letter templates etc


The NPA have taken legal advice and most actions suggested by members have been ruled out as these would constitute a breach of the NHS contract.

You may wish to stop voluntary/unpaid services however you need to be mindful that this may carry the risk of driving patients and customers to non-participating pharmacies/ online services. It’s unknown whether this patient movement would be temporary or permanent.


Symbolic actions were felt to be the most impactful as this creates the opportunity for you to discuss the current funding crisis and pressures with your patients and encourage them to raise these with the local candidates in the forthcoming election. You must continue to meet all legal, regulatory, contractual and professional requirements during campaign activity.


The proposed courses of action are:

  • Turning the lights off for 2 hours – the pharmacy remains open *
  • Wearing black
  • Inviting candidates to visit on 20th June
  • Social media coverage #SaveOurPharmacies
  • Other media coverage


* The NPA will issue guidance to minimise any health and safety risk.


The goal is to get patients asking and talking about why the lights are out and what this might mean for them if this was permanent.


Participation in this campaign is optional and contractors who are part of the IPA or CCA should discuss with their company representative/head office.