Autumn/Winter 2023-24 COVID-19 Campaign

NHS England have now published details for the forthcoming Autumn Winter  COVID-19 campaign.

All pharmacy contractors are encouraged to consider participating in the programme where they are able to do so without impacting on wider services.


Key updates for 2023-24 

  • Pharmacy contractors will have the opportunity to deliver a Covid-19 vaccination service where they will be offering the service at their pharmacy and meet the requirements, or where there is a population need and their site is selected based on the information in their expression of interest.
  • NHS England anticipate that the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) will advise that influenza and Covid-19 vaccinations should be co-administered as the default where the patient consents and it is clinically indicated to do so. As a consequence, any Pharmacy contractors participating in the Covid-19 Enhanced Service must also deliver the Seasonal Influenza Advanced Service.
  • NHS England have updated the Covid-19 vaccination payment arrangements to reflect the efficiencies of co-administration and the need for continued investment in local outreach:
    • The Item of Service fee from 1 September 2023 will be £9.58 for each influenza vaccine administered to an eligible patient and £7.54 for each Covid-19 vaccine administered to an eligible patient. That means when Covid-19 and flu vaccines are co-administered, the combined fee will be £17.12.
    • In addition, there will be continued investment in local outreach and a more targeted approach to improve uptake in historically less well-served communities.
    • A supplement of £10.00 will be paid for each Covid-19 vaccination administered to a housebound patient.
  • They will communicate the start date for the Covid-19 and influenza campaigns to participating pharmacy contractors following receipt of recommendations from JCVI but we anticipate that this will be in October 2023

Covid-19 vaccination enhanced service

Key additional information:

  • The Covid-19 vaccination enhanced service specification has been provided in draft form for contractors to review. Final versions will be circulated (by NHS regional teams or their representatives) once the JCVI have issued their final statement on the autumn/winter 23-24 Covid-19 vaccination campaign. This final version must be signed by participating pharmacy contractors returned to their regional team.
  • NHS England anticipate that the network of sites may change this year as more sites offer services from usual healthcare premises. It is important that existing providers engage with their local NHS teams after the expression of interest deadlines to understand the number of vaccines that are expected to be provided from their site and make appropriate plans.
  • Full details can be found in the documents above


If you have any questions, please direct these to


COVID vaccination programme 2023 - Approved Sites

There are 181 on site CPs and 2 off site CPs in Greater Manchester as of 27th September 2023.

The list of all the approved and designated GM CPs delivering the AW23 covid vaccination programme is linked below

Approved and designated GM CPs delivering the AW23 covid vaccination programme


Further supporting information and resources for the COVID vaccination programme can be found here

Further supporting information and resources for the flu vaccination programme 2023/24 can be found here


COVID-19 Vaccination Training

2023/24 Vaccination Training available from Allied Health Training 

CPGM Healthcare Ltd (CHL) and GM Healthcare Academy have arranged for an exclusive voucher code for pharmacies In Greater Manchester, Cheshire, and Mersey, to enable discounted Vaccination Training

Book now


The GM Healthcare Academy in partnership with GM and Bolton LPCs supported by Pharmacy Complete  hosted a series of Covid-19 Community Pharmacy Webinars.

Together with our Academy training partner Pharmacy Complete, we ran fortnightly Covid-19 update webinars for all our contractors, community pharmacists and their teams across Greater Manchester.

We provided national and local GM updates to ensure you could keep up to date with the latest developments This was to ensure you quickly had access to all the latest information in one place, to know where to find out more and to understand the impact on you.

All links to the recordings of the webinars are hosted here


HSE NW Covid Vaccination Webinar

This webinar was held by the NHSE NW team to support contractors to deliver the COVID vaccination service. Slides and access to the recording of the webinar is available down below.

Webinar Presentation slides available here.

Recording of the webinar available here.


Training to Deliver the Covid Vaccination

This COVID-19 Vaccination e-learning programme is designed to provide the health and care workforce involved in the national COVID-19 vaccination programme with the knowledge they need to confidently promote high uptake of the vaccine and deliver the vaccine programme effectively.

All those undertaking this e-learning should complete the core knowledge session as this is designed to provide essential knowledge about COVID-19 and the key principles of immunisation needed to deliver the vaccine. The assessment sessions should be completed after each knowledge session. 

Access the training programme here.


HEE E-Learning Covid-19 Training Programme

This programme has been created by Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, and includes key materials to help the health and care workforce respond to Coronavirus.

The programme is freely available to colleagues working in the NHS, independent sector and social care. There are resources available for individual roles.

Access the programme here.


Covid-19 Learning and Resource Hub

This learning and resource hub contains CPPE materials and resources from other organisations that we think will be most valuable to you. It covers the relevant information for some of the different sectors of pharmacy.

Access the hub here-

Return to practice course

We have developed a Guide to returning to pharmacy practice in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This programme has been developed to support pharmacy professionals in returning to pharmacy practice after a gap in professional service. This includes those who have joined the GPhC temporary register and those who have been working in roles that are not currently patient facing.

This programme contains two streams, a community pharmacy stream and a hospital stream. Each stream consists of a self-assessment framework for you to use to assess your own learning needs. Once you have established the areas of practice you need to revisit, you are clearly signposted to the relevant sections of learning that will help you to address these needs.

A key element of the programme is our daily Zoom drop-in sessions which you can join for support as you return to practice. More information about these sessions can be found in the programme.

Within this programme you will also find information on resilience.

Access the programme here –



COVID-19 Resources

Covid Vaccination Programme Materials

A range of materials have been published to support the Covid vaccination programme. This includes information relating to vaccinating children and young people aged 12 to 17, COVID-19 second doses for 16 and 17 year olds, booster vaccinations for people over 40 and third doses for people with a weakened immune system. Further information including the products codes required to order these materials are below:

All publications including record cards, leaflets and accessible versions can be ordered free of charge from the Health Publications website. Please register as a health professional/NHS provider rather than an individual as members of the public are restricted to only 5 copies of any of the resources.

– The CPPE COVID-19 learning and resource hub draws together the resources that we think would be most useful for a range of situations; for example returning to pharmacy practice, upskilling to look after those who are critically unwell and also seeking support and resilience.

You can also go straight to the COVID-19 gateway page where we have collated a range of advanced learning and tools.

GMLPC Resources for contractors 



Further information is available on the CPE Covid-19 Vaccination page