Pharmacy Excellence Programme and EOI has Launched: Unlock Capacity & Improve Your Business

A note from our Director of Pharmacy Transformation:

Community Pharmacy Greater Manchester, in partnership with Captivating Training Solutions, is pleased to introduce the ReviveRx Pharmacy Excellence Programme, available to all Greater Manchester contractors for FREE with thanks to funding from Greater Manchester ICB and the GM Primary Care Board.

These are turbulent times for community pharmacies. Between underfunding, medicine shortages, rising costs, and overworked teams, it’s easy to feel you’re struggling just to keep your head above water. The relentless workload leaves little time to embrace new services – services that could bring in diverse revenue streams and elevate your pharmacy’s standing with NHS Partners and the public.

I urge all contractors, pharmacists and team members  to take advantage of this opportunity and this programme to help you and your pharmacy teams flourish and build resilience. The attached PDFs provide a summary of the programme and the coaching offer.

Read more about the ReviveRx Pharmacy Excellence Programme
Read more about the ReviveRX Coaching Programme and the EOI

The full update have been sent to all contractors and can also be found here

We hope that this programme will support you and your teams.

Best wishes,
Luvjit Kandula – Director of Pharmacy Transformation