Virtual Outcomes

Community Pharmacy Provider Board (CPPB) have purchased the Virtual Outcomes Licence on behalf of all Greater Manchester contractors for a further year. This means that all GM pharmacies have free access to this extensive online library of training resources.

How to Access VirtualOutcomes Training

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your pharmacy F Code
  3. Click on the training menu for the course you wish to view
  4. Click “Start Course”
  5. Complete the registration form

Latest / Upcoming Courses

  • Hypertension Case Finding
    • This has been updated and is now live for all members of staff to use to understand how they can deliver the service: Click here to access
    • The GP module is still live.
  • Pharmacy Contraception Service
    • This is in final editing to include “Initiation”
    • The GP module is also being updated
    • This will be released early next week
  • Pharmacy First – New modules added!
    • A module per PGD is being written
    • There is an overview module for the whole team to ensure they understand the service
    • There is a GP module
  •  Online Consultations
    • There is a module in the library that covers delivering Online Consultations which will be very useful for pharmacists. Click here to access