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Fully funded, flexible training is available for community pharmacists to expand clinical skills and improve patient care.

Courses currently include:

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NHS funded training for community pharmacy technicians

Delivery Plan for Recovering Access to Primary Care: Preparing for Pharmacy First – NHS funded training for community pharmacy technicians

Courses are available for new community pharmacy technicians, those returning to learning, or those looking for professional development to deliver more services, to learn new skills, expand clinical knowledge, and support peer development.

‘Advancing your role’ training builds on knowledge and skills, delivering effective clinical services, whilst the ‘Educational supervisor’ training helps support, develop, and upskill community pharmacy staff to become an educational supervisor.

CPPE Spring Update: New learning programmes launched

CPPE have published a recent update including the launch of new training programmes!

CPPE Spring / Summer workshops

CPPE online and face to face workshops taking place between April and September 2024 are now available for booking.  These offer a range of activities, group discussion, small group learning & networking. New programmes that may be of interest, especially, to those who are working in community pharmacy include Supporting people living with dementia and Asthma: optimising adherence to medicines focal point.


Pharmacy First

CPPE has developed a range of resources to support pharmacy professionals to provide a safe and effective service.

CPPE NHS Pharmacy First Service webpage 

This page hosts a range of information of resources including a self-assessment framework, links to the Pharmacy First Service Specification, clinical pathways and PGDs and links to key CPPE programmes to support the service.,


Genomics in Pharmacy E-learning

CPPE have recently launched an online resource that aims to support pharmacy professionals to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to have person-centred consultations with people about genomics in everyday pharmacy practice. Read more about this training offer


NEW Introduction to appropriate polypharmacy e-learning

The statistics for people who take ten or more medicines is shocking, with people being 300 percent more likely to be admitted to hospital. However, some people do need a number of medicines to support their care. The introduction to appropriate polypharmacy 2 hour has been designed to support pharmacy professionals to recognise when polypharmacy is appropriate and when it is problematic. The programme also introduces you to tools and resources that will enable you to work in partnership with people to manage their multiple medicines.


NEW Osteoporosis: a focus on prevention e-learning

The impact of osteoporosis can be far reaching with one in two women over 50 breaking a bone due to osteoporosis. The Osteoporosis: a focus on prevention 2 hour e-learning supports you to recognise symptoms and risk factors including using tools and resources. The programme also helps you to support patients to make an informed shared decision about their care.

Advanced Assessment, Diagnostics and Clinical Reasoning (MMU)

This unit will enable learners to develop the assessment, clinical reasoning and diagnostic knowledge and skills in order to synthesise information from a variety of sources, including patient histories, physical examination and diagnostic tests and to differentiate between normal and abnormal findings.

Credits: 20 credits at level 7

This course is intended for nurses, AHPs and pharmacists who have undertaken a minor illness course or physical assessment course and who would like to undertake further study in physical assessment and clinical reasoning and interpretation of common blood and microbiological tests.

Apply now by following the steps outlined here.

Managing Medical and Clinical Complexity (MMU)

This unit will equip learners with the knowledge and skills to understand and manage the complexities of working with people who have multiple health conditions as well as including physical, mental and psychosocial needs.

Credits: 20 credits at level 7

This course is intended for nurses, AHPs and pharmacists who have undertaken a minor illness course or physical assessment course and who are managing or will be managing patients with complex problems.

Apply now by following the steps outlined here.

TS4SE Training Toolkit – free training modules to support migrants and refugees in the UK

TS4SE works for change that will improve the lives of refugees and migrants in the United Kingdom

This free training toolkit provided by GM can be used by individuals and teams to improve knowledge and awareness to support refugees and migrants.

Its flexible design allows you to choose appropriate modules and work through them at a convenient time. The module topics include:  Awareness, Culture, Improving Access, Communication, Health, Roma, Safeguarding and Housing & Benefits.

You can access TS4SE Training Toolkit here

HEE eLearning for Pharmacy Practice and Supervisors

The elearning sessions, launched by HEE with the University of East Anglia, De Montfort University and Keele University, have been developed for those in the pharmacy sector who are involved in the training of others, ranging from supervising shadowing experiences, to having educational supervisory roles across a range of settings including community pharmacies.

The resources aim to provide supervisors with the knowledge and skills needed to gain confidence and satisfaction from their practice and educational activities and enhance their contributions to the development of a highly skilled pharmacy workforce.

Module 1, Core Skills: Introductory level topics relevant to practice and educational supervision. This module is recommended for all as an introductory module or to refresh existing knowledge

Module 2, Enhanced Skills: A deeper learning approach to topics relevant to practice and educational supervision, providing context for specific programmes/learner groups. This module is recommended for practice and educational supervisors involved in specific regulated pharmacy training programmes and those who wish to develop their skills further

Each module takes approximately 2 hours to complete and covers a range of topics. Access the programme and more information here.

Boehringer Ingelheim Training sessions

Boehringer Ingelheim have organised a number of 30 minute training sessions around a range of topics

The 30 minute sessions can take place virtually face to face and include learning accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)

At the end of each session you will receive a certificate of attendance and a reflective log.

The modules on offer are as follows

  • CRM and T2D Theory
  • CRM and T2D Theory Into Practice
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Performing A Diabetic Foot Check
  • Language Matters
  • Individualising Care
  • Obesity ,Diet And Lifestyle Part 1 And 2
  • CV Disease In T2D

If you are interested in taking part in one or more of these sessions please contact lisa.finlay@boehringer-ingelheim.com


Liva Healthcare Coaching Programme for Type 2 Diabetes

Liva Healthcare has organised coaching sessions with type 2 diabetes who have been prescribed Rybelsus® from Novo Nordisk. Pharmacists can refer adult patients to the programme which will provide them information from qualified dietitians and nutritionists.

Click here for instructions on how patients can sign up.


Diabetes eLearning Programme

AstraZeneca and EDEN have collaborated to develop an eLearning programme specifically for pharmacists.

The modules have been designed and developed to update all Pharmacists in the latest guidance in accordance with the ‘An Integrated Career and Competency Framework for Pharmacists in Diabetes’ framework.

Each interactive module should take between 30 – 60 minutes and is certified at the end with 60 minutes for CPD.

All modules have been accredited by the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) and are available in Foundation and Advanced Stage One levels.

Click here to register to access the programme.


. GMHCA Resilience Training

The aim of this training is to help you build resilience and adapt better to life-changing situations.


E-learning for Healthcare – ‘All Our Health’ Programme

Public Health England’s All Our Health framework is a call to action to all health and care professionals to embed prevention within their day to day practice. The programme includes educational materials, tools and resources, to help healthcare professionals make an even greater impact in preventing illness and promoting wellbeing.

The All Our Health e-learning sessions have been developed to provide a bite-sized introduction to the wide range of topics covered within the All Our Health framework. You can dip in and out of the content as and when you need it.

There are 25 e-learning sessions available covering a wide variety of public health topics including obesity, alcohol, antimicrobial resistance, immunisation, and mental health and wellbeing.

Start the session of your choice by clicking here

View the full range of the All Our Health topics here.

GMHCA Training Support

1. Quick reference Guide: Recognising symptoms of cancer in community pharmacy

This guide has been developed to help recognise possible signs of cancer. With the launch of the GP CPCS, community pharmacy has the opportunity to question patients in more depth and understand if the minor ailment is negligible or if the symptom or sign is one of a more serious condition.


Cancer Research UK Talk Cancer Training for Pharmacy

Cancer Research UK would like to invite community pharmacy teams to take part in their ‘Talk Cancer for Pharmacy‘ live online workshops. The training is designed to equip and empower all community pharmacy staff to raise cancer awareness as part of their role. Workshops focus on building trainees’ practical and conversational skills, so they can have supportive conversations about how people can reduce their cancer risk, the importance of early detection, and cancer screening.

Workshops can be commissioned for groups of up 40 staff, with a bursary scheme in place to offer free workshops to eligible groups. You can check your eligibility and find out more here.

For further information including details on how to participate please click here.

Or get in touch with the Talk Cancer team:

Email: Talkcancer@cancer.org.uk

Phone: 020 3469 8111

BOPA “Let’s Communicate Cancer” Series

The British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA) has launched free educational e-learning modules on how to discuss cancer.

It is presented as bite-sized videos, animation, quizzes and slide shows. The e-learning will give you and your team the confidence and knowledge to better help your cancer patients – from early diagnosis through treatment.

To access the ‘Let’s Communicate Cancer Series’ click here. 

Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) – Given that the Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) requirements became a part of the new Terms of Service for all pharmacies from 1st January 2021, pharmacies may wish to take advantage of this free training to up-skill their teams ahead of considering any cancer awareness activities as part of their ongoing health promotion activities.