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Community Pharmacy Greater Manchester, in partnership with Captivating Training Solutions, is pleased to introduce the ReviveRx Pharmacy Excellence Programme, available to all Greater Manchester contractors for FREE with thanks to funding from Greater Manchester ICB and the GM Primary Care Board.

I urge all contractors, pharmacists and team members  to take advantage of this opportunity and this programme to help you and your pharmacy teams flourish and build resilience.

The full update have been sent to all contractors and can also be found here

If you are interested in joining the programme, please follow the instructions below. If you have any queries, you can email

For further enquiries and registration, please contact Lynette Roberts:

Actions for contractors:

Step 1: Access ReviveRx website to start your pharmacy excellence healthcheck questionnaire

You can now access the Pharmacy Excellence healthcheck questionnaire and online modules through the website:

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2:  Click to start “Your pharmacy health check”

Step 3: Create your ReviveRx account

Step 4: Complete your self-assessment

Step 5: Complete your pharmacy health check

Step 6: You’ll receive your personalised report and training prescription

Read more about the ReviveRx Pharmacy Excellence Programme

Step 2: Complete the EOI form for FREE coaching with ReviveRx – Available for 20 pharmacies

We are seeking pharmacy leaders who are ready to improve operational excellence with your pharmacy teams. If you are interested in a 1-2-1 coaching session with your pharmacy team delivered by Lynette Roberts, please complete the EOI form.

Read more about the ReviveRX Coaching Programme and the EOI

Step 3: Practical support for your pharmacy: Encourage your pharmacy team to book your place on the upcoming free webinars

These webinars are designed to support you and your teams to optimise operational models, to release capacity and deliver more clinical services and build resilience. We would encourage you to complete the healthcheck questionnaire as detailed above in step 1 before attending these webinars.

Revive Your Pharmacy’s Purpose: Redefining Your Pharmacy in a New Healthcare Era

Date: 22nd May | Time: 7:30 PM

Registration Link:

Adapt & Thrive: Optimising Pharmacy Teams for Modern Community Pharmacies

Date: 11th June | Time: 7:30 PM

Registration Link:

Easing the Pressure: Wellness Tactics for Protecting Pharmacy Staff Mental Health

Date: 19th June | Time: 7:30 PM

Registration Link:

Maximising Value and Minimising Waste: ReviveRx’s Guide to Operational Excellence in Pharmacies

Date: 2nd July | Time: 7:30 PM

Registration Link:

Read more information on all these webinars 


Why ReviveRx?

These are turbulent times for community pharmacies. Between underfunding, medicine shortages, rising costs, and overworked teams, it’s easy to feel you’re struggling just to keep your head above water. The relentless workload leaves little time to embrace new services – services that could bring in diverse revenue streams and elevate your pharmacy’s standing with NHS partners and the public.

ReviveRx are here to help pharmacies cut through the chaos to uncover and capitalise on possibilities for the future. Our new Pharmacy Operational Health Diagnostic tool gives pharmacies insights into silent inefficiencies they don’t know are holding them back, helping to uncover capacity for you to integrate innovative new services that meet your community’s needs. With our Operational Excellence Training Prescription we empower you with the skills and confidence to make this evolution possible.

 For further inquiries and registration, please contact:

Working with the Primary care Board and GM integrated care, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Pharmacy Excellence programme for all contractors and Pharmacy teams in GM.

“We are pleased to have acquired funding to support contractors in GM to achieve operational excellence, and release capacity to support delivery of clinical services

“We are pleased to be working with ReviveRx to launch this new programme”   Luvjit Kandula, Chair of PCB and CPPB



What is ReviveRx


ReviveRx is a practical, two-component programme designed to support community pharmacies in enhancing their operational effectiveness, optimise current capacity to deliver more services and create a sustainable operational model.

It consists of four elements :

  • An operational health diagnostic tool: that evaluates key aspects of your pharmacy’s operations, including team dynamics, process management, use of technology, and integration of patient services. In as little as 15-minutes, you will have insights into the operational health of your people, processes, platforms, and pathways.
  • An operational excellence training prescription: a customised training plan targeted to tackle the specific areas limiting your pharmacy’s operational health and potential linked to short 15 minute online modules.
  • A series of webinars which will be held  in the early summer. Further information will be provided in due course.
  • Face to face team coaching with Lynette Roberts – This is an opportunity for 20 pharmacies in GM to access a half day session face to face to help you and your pharmacy teams. The link to the EOI form is  and further information is attached.

Benefits of ReviveRx for Pharmacies

  • Our insights help you find time amidst crushing workloads, so your team can recharge and refocus.
  • We guide you on integrating services to diversify revenue and strengthen your pharmacy’s resilience.
  • Help you build versatile teams, resilient to burnout, with our staff wellbeing strategies.
  • Identify and eliminate the obstacles creating operational chaos so you can streamline your pharmacy’s workflows.
  • Strengthen bonds with healthcare partners to integrate into the primary care tapestry

How ReviveRx works

  • Operational Health Diagnosis: Utilising a detailed algorithm, ReviveRx assesses the operational health of your pharmacy’s people, processes, platforms, and patient pathways.
  • Personal Operational Health Report: A report that highlights areas of inefficiency, providing a clear picture of where improvements can be made.
  • Operational Excellence Training Prescription: Based on the assessment, a customised training plan is developed to target specific areas, equipping your pharmacy with strategies to enhance operational efficiency and patient care.

What is Operational Health & Excellence?

  • Operational health is the current pulse of your pharmacy. It’s an honest, clear-eyed snapshot of where your team, your processes, and your business stand at this very moment.
  • Operational excellence, on the other hand, is the peak every pharmacy strives to reach — a state where your operations don’t just function but flourish. It’s about consistently delivering on your pharmacy’s promise of excellent care, with every aspect of your business operating at its best.

ReviveRx is committed to helping you ascend to these heights, with tailored training programs designed to elevate your pharmacy from operational health to operational excellence. Our ReviveRx Excellence Training Programme offers focused training bundles targeting the core areas that drive pharmacy operations.

Some examples of our high-impact training bundles include:

Balancing Act: Workforce Optimisation Essentials

Strategic staffing solutions Effective task distribution Workflow analysis & redesign Team skills audit & utilisation Advance time management

Beyond silos: Empowering versatile pharmacy teams

Strategic talent management Skill diversity assessments Flexible roles & job rotation Pharmacy team synergy Building communication bridges

Disengaged to driven: Revitalising your team

Boosting team cohesion Promoting psychological safety Creating a culture of wellness Recognition & reward systems Wellness Recovery Action Plans

Maximising value, minimising waste

Looking at the 7 principles of lean waste management we will explore strategies to minimise wastage in your pharmacy, helping unlock hidden capacity.