Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP)

All pharmacies including DSPs were required to become a Health Living Pharmacy (HLP) from 2020/21.

This initiative recognises the valuable role that community pharmacies can play in supporting people to live healthier lives and in promoting health and wellbeing.

Further information can be found via: Healthy Living Pharmacy – Community Pharmacy England (



Key Documents

The requirements for contractors to become a HLP or maintain HLP status are detailed in the following pages:

For pharmacies previously accredited or self declared as HLPs

For pharmacies that are not yet HLPs

  • Read through the HLP section in NHSE&I’s Regulations Guidance
  • Work through the requirements as set out in the NHSE&I Regulations Guidance and compile your evidence using the assessment of compliance template to enable you to show you meet the requirements.
  • Contractors can use the HLP Evidence Portfolio Workbook (PDF) to support them to meet the requirements of the Terms of Service. All contractors will need to retain at the pharmacy a portfolio of evidence together with a completed assessment of compliance signed by a pharmacist to demonstrate that they meet the HLP requirements. The portfolio should continue to be updated with evidence of activities, such as health promotion events undertaken, to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the requirements.
  • Then follow the actions to take once a contractor has met the HLP requirements.

To ensure contractors continue to meet their Terms of Service requirements, it is recommended they review their compliance against the requirements at least every 3 years

Resources and Briefings


Signposting and Useful Links

There are lots of places you can find useful information when advising or signposting people as part of health and wellbeing consultations.

National/Greater Manchester-wide

Services by locality




  • Mental health support and drop-in sessionsOldham and Tameside Mind (in partnership with Healthy Minds Oldham) offer a range of services including mental health & wellbeing MOT sessions, talking therapies (IAPT) and active monitoring. 







Additional Resources