Hypertension Case-finding Service (HCF)

The Hypertension case-finding service was commissioned as an Advanced service from 1st October 2021.

Further information can be found via: Hypertension case-finding service – Community Pharmacy England (cpe.org.uk)

Key Documents

The following key documents have now been published. Please read these documents before providing the service.

Registering to provide the service

Registration for the service is via MYS, please note you must be ‘service ready’ and have all equipment in place before completing your registration on MYS.

Briefing, Webinars and Toolkits

CPE Briefing: Hypertension Case-Finding – Provides additional guidance for contractors and their teams

CPE Hypertension Case-Finding service webinar – Watch on-demand. You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions which were answered after the webinar.

CPGM Hypertension Case Finding toolkit – Jan 2024 – The toolkit outlines how to meet the specification requirements and is a great tool to help you identify any knowledge gaps.

A reference guide to support with clinic blood pressure checks


Virtual Outcomes – Free training for all GM contractors 

To access this Virtual Outcomes training:

  1. Visit https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/pharmacy-training/
  2. Enter your pharmacy F Code
  3. Click on the training menu for the course you wish to view
  4. Click “Start Course”
  5. Complete the registration form

Hypertension Case-Finding Service: Service Delivery – Access the course

CPE have published a staff training checklist that includes actions that staff can undertake to develop their confidence and competence to successfully provide the service.


Resources to help pharmacy professionals to deliver HCF

Hypertension Focal Point online workshop (1h 45mins)

Engaging with General Practice

Promoting the Service

A number of resources have been developed to help promote the service: