Hypertension Case-finding Service (HCF)

The Hypertension case-finding service was commissioned as an Advanced service from 1st October 2021.


The 5-year Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) agreement reached in July 2019 included a plan to pilot case finding for undiagnosed cardiovascular disease.

In 2020, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) commenced a pilot involving pharmacies offering blood pressure checks to people 40 years and over. In some pharmacies within the pilot, where the patient’s initial blood pressure reading was elevated, they would be offered 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), which is the gold-standard for diagnosis of hypertension.

Following the initial findings of the pilot, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHSE&I proposed the commissioning of a new Hypertension case-finding service, as an Advanced service, in the Year 3 negotiations.

UPDATE: As of July 2022 over 400 Pharmacies are signed up in GM to deliver the service.


Directions updated for Hypertension Case-Finding Service

Pharmacy technicians are now able to perform blood pressure checks as part of the Hypertension Case-Finding Service. The Drug Tariff has been amended, where necessary, to reflect this and includes the amendments to The Pharmaceutical Services (Advanced and Enhanced Services) (Amendment) (England) Directions 2023.

The service specification is currently going through NHS England’s publication process. Updated documents will be added here when available.


Blood pressure UK: Controlling your blood pressure

This informative leaflet has now been published in a range of languages to make it easily accessible to all patients.

Click here to view and download the leaflet


Virtual Outcomes – New Hypertension case finding courses added

All contractors in Greater Manchester have free access to a range of training modules to help to deliver pharmacy services. Courses for Hypertension Case Finding  have recently been updated

To access this Virtual Outcomes training:

  1. Visit https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/pharmacy-training/
  2. Enter your pharmacy F Code
  3. Click on the training menu for the course you wish to view
  4. Click “Start Course”
  5. Complete the registration form

CPPE Resources

CPPE have announced that they will be provided further support to help pharmacy professionals to deliver this service via their dedicated HCF page.

CPPE Hypertension Case-finding Gateway Page:


CPPE also offer a Hypertension Focal Point online workshop which is 1h45mins.

The link to book a place is:



Hypertension Case Finding Service (HCF): EMIS Referral button launched for GPs using the EMIS system

The Community Pharmacy Provider Board (CPPB) have been working with the GM ICS to fund the EMIS referral button for the HCF to community pharmacy via PharmOutcomes.

GPs who use the EMIS system (over 80% of practices in GM) are now ready to start to sending referrals electronically to community pharmacy (please note that this is optional for General Practice to use). The GM primary care team will be sending communications to all General Practice teams to ensure they are aware of this new functionality and the purpose of the Hypertension Case Finding Service.

For non-EMIS practices, NHSmail and other communication channels will be used to communicate with your pharmacy as there is no electronic solution available at this time. Where patient information is to be transferred to a pharmacy this needs to be via NHSmail as the route needs to be a secure IT referral mechanism.

We encourage you to use the attached toolkit to have a conversation with your local practice(s) to raise awareness of the service and also to agree how and when they intend to communicate referrals.

Given the current pressures, we encourage both sides to discuss and agree potential numbers in advance so that workload can be planned and take into account workforce challenges

We hope you can join our upcoming webinar to find out more.

You can also view a dedicated page set up by GM Healthcare Academy in relation to this update.


Registering to provide the Hypertension Case Finding Service

If you are yet to register to deliver the Hypertension Case Finding Service and wish to do so further information can be found on the CPE website. Registration for the service is via MYS, please note you must be ‘service ready’ and have all equipment in place before completing your registration on MYS.


Further information can be found via

Hypertension case-finding service – Community Pharmacy England (cpe.org.uk)


Service description

The service requirements are included in the service specification, which contractors must read before deciding whether to provide the service.

Download the service specification

This specification has been updated following the announcement around the service being relaunched to make better use of skill mix and increase provision of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).

Service Directions & Determination
The Secretary of State Directions provide the legal basis for the provision of the service.

Download the service pathway

CPE Briefing 041/21: Community Pharmacy Hypertension Case-Finding Advanced Service
This CPE Briefing provides additional guidance for community pharmacy contractors and their teams on the service.

CPGM Hypertension Case Finding toolkit – Jan 2024

In order to support you, CPGM have produced a of toolkit containing key information to help you.

The toolkit outline what you need to do to meet the service specification requirements and is a great tool to help you identify any knowledge gaps so you can focus your future continuing professional development.

GMLPC Top tips for contractors – In order to support you we have produced a handy one page guide to help you deliver the service. We recommend that all contractors print off this poster and display in your pharmacy to help support your team.

Referral Support Comms for General Practice 


PSNC has published several additional resources to support community pharmacy contractors who are providing or planning to provide the Hypertension Case-Finding Service. Resources include:

Contractors can also access our Hypertension Case-Finding service webinar on-demand as well as a range of Frequently Asked Questions which were answered after the webinar.


Blood Pressure Check service: Webinar Slides and Hypertension Day Briefing

Thank you to all those who attended the recent webinar n the NHS Community Pharmacy Blood Pressure Check Service webinar on 13th April. Slides for the event are attached to view and a link to the webinar recording are now available on Future NHS.

In support of the World Hypertension League’s World Hypertension Day on 17th May, NHSE&I will be helping to raise awareness of the blood pressure check service. The attached Blood Pressure Check Service Stakeholder Pack provides details about what they will be doing and contains materials that you can use if you’d like to become involved – it can also be found on Future NHS.