GM Care Record

GMCR record rollout for Community Pharmacy

The Community Pharmacy Provider Board have been working with the ICS and Health innovation Manchester to rollout access to the GM Care record for Community Pharmacies.

The GMCR programme was delivered at speed during the pandemic and played a crucial role in the city-region’s fight against COVID-19. Containing information on appointments and visits, assessment and test information, care packages and critical clinical support information such as allergies, medications, and alerts from across health and care, the GMCR amalgamates essential patient information for the city-region’s 2.8m citizens and is used by health and care professionals for direct care across the 10 areas of Greater Manchester.

Later this Autumn, access to the GMCR will be extended to Community Pharmacy with the aims of:

  • Improving patient care through better informed decisions about medications prescribed and being able to identify potential drug interactions and contraindications.
  • Increasing efficiency by allowing the quicker dispensing of medications in some instances, without a response needed from a GP with information provided in the GMCR.
  • Increasing communications with other members of the health and care teams assisting the overall coordination of care
  • Accessing data securely with confidentiality protected from unauthorised access and complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

We strongly encourage ALL of our contractors to engage with this initiative 


How can Community Pharmacists access the GM Care Record?

This project commenced in early 2023 with a proof of value amongst a number of pilot pharmacies live this summer. When rolled out to all of Greater Manchester, access to the GMCR is via single-sign on through your PMR or IT system provider.

For further information, please contact Project Manager, Mike Crowther:

Read the stakeholder briefing for more details


Resources to support the GM rollout


We will provide further information to you in due course.