Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP)

The Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) scheme recognises the valuable role that community pharmacies can play in supporting people to live healthier lives and in promoting health and wellbeing. It fits with the vision of community pharmacies as the first port of call for vital healthcare and health and wellbeing advice. This makes sense as pharmacies are the most accessible and frequently-visited source of healthcare.

HLP as an Essential service requirement in 2020/21 

Community pharmacy contractors, including Distance-Selling Pharmacies (DSPs) will be required to become an HLP in 2020/21 as agreed in the five-year CPCF.

The NHS Terms of Service have been amended to include HLP requirements, with supplementary information on the details being included in guidance on the regulations, which will be published by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I). Pharmacy contractors must ensure they are compliant with the HLP requirements from 1st January 2021, however the DSP website requirements do not have to be complied with until 1st April 2021.

The Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) framework is aimed at achieving consistent provision of a broad range of health promotion interventions through community pharmacies to meet local need, improving the health and wellbeing of the local population and helping to reduce health inequalities.

For the February 2019 Quality Payments Scheme, 9,535 pharmacies in England declared that they were an HLP.

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How to become an HLP or maintain HLP status

a) The HLP framework requirements

The requirements apply to all pharmacies, including distance selling pharmacies (DSPs), except where specifically noted that different requirements apply to DSPs.

Pharmacies will no longer be required to comply with the PHE Quality Criteria to achieve HLP status, as these have been superseded by the amendments to the Terms of Service and the regulations guidance.

The requirements for contractors are detailed in the following pages:

Workforce Development


Premises Requirements

b) Key actions for contractors

For pharmacies previously accredited or self declared as HLPs

  1. Read through the HLP section in NHSE&I’s Regulations Guidance
  2. Read through the PSNC Briefing
  3. Review the HLP checklist to ensure your portfolio of evidence is up-to-date and meets the requirements of the regulations.

For pharmacies that are not yet HLPs

  1. Read through the HLP section in NHSE&I’s Regulations Guidance
  2. Work through the requirements as set out in the NHSE&I Regulations Guidance and compile your evidence using the assessment of compliance template to enable you to show you meet the requirements. Contractors can choose to use the PSNC’s HLP Evidence Portfolio Workbook to support them to meet the requirements of the Terms of Service
  3. Then follow the actions to take once a contractor has met the HLP requirements.

All contractors will need to retain at the pharmacy a portfolio of evidence together with a completed assessment of compliance (link above) signed by a pharmacist to demonstrate that they meet the HLP requirements. The portfolio should continue to be updated with evidence of activities, such as health promotion events undertaken, to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the requirements.

Contractors may need to use this evidence during NHSE&I contract monitoring activities or during discussions with other organisations, such as the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC) or the local authority.

To ensure contractors continue to meet their Terms of Service requirements, it is recommended they review their compliance against the requirements at least every 3 years

Useful Resources

PSNC Briefing 042/20: 

HLP flow chart (PDF)

HLP checklist (PDF)

HLP Evidence Portfolio Workbook (PDF)

PSNC Briefing Holding a health promotion event/campaign

Checklist for holding a health promotion event campaign (PDF)

Event campaign questionnaire (PDF)

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – Community pharmacies: promoting health and wellbeing (August 2018)

The role of the Health Champion

You can also find resources for LPCs and Commissioners here.

Pfizer have released patient awareness materials to support community pharmacists around the therapy area of Atrial Fibrillation.

HLP Training

GHMCA, together with the LPC’s, CHL and the GMHSCP are providing the opportunity for pharmacies to get 50 % off the cost of Health Champion Course (RSPH UHI L2 Award) training for one staff member in your pharmacy.

This offer is running from Monday 28th June – Saturday 24th July 2021.

Access the offer by following the steps outlined here.

Other Training: