Pharmacy Contraception Service (PCS)

The Pharmacy Contraception Service was commissioned as an Advanced service from April 2023.

From 1st December 2023, changes were made to the service to include both initiation and on-going supply of OC.

Further information can be found via: Pharmacy Contraception Service – Community Pharmacy England (

Key Documents

The following key documents have now been published. Please read these documents before providing the service.

  • Service Specification – (updated following the announcement that the service was be expanded from 1st December 2023)
  • Patient Group Directions (PGDs)


Virtual Outcomes

All contractors in Greater Manchester have free access to a range of training modules to help to deliver pharmacy services.

Courses for the Pharmacy Contraception Service have recently been updated

To access this Virtual Outcomes training:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your pharmacy F Code
  3. Click on the training menu for the course you wish to view. You may need to use the search bar at the top if the course doesn’t appear in the list
  4. Click “Start Course”
  5. Complete the registration form

Promoting the Service

NHS England have published a number of promotional resources for the service:

  • Printable posters
  • Digital posters to assist pharmacy owners to promote the PCS to individuals in their pharmacies.
  • A digital poster for use in general practice to promote the availability of the service in participating community pharmacies

These resources are available via the resources section on CPE’s PCS webpage.