Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First launched as an Advanced Service on 31st January 2024.

Further information can be found via: Pharmacy First – Community Pharmacy England (

Key Documents

The following key documents have now been published.

  • Service specification
  • Clinical pathways
  • 23 PGDs
  • Protocol

Pharmacists must read and sign-up to the PGDs and protocol, before providing the service. You can use the PGD and Protocol sign-up sheet to record this.

Registering to provide the service

Pharmacy owners can register to provide the service on MYS. However, you will not now be entitled to the £2,000 initial fixed payment.

Checklists and Briefings

CPGM Resources and Support

Spotlight on Services: Pharmacy First – We have produced this as part of our Spotlight on Services series to provide you with tips to support service delivery.

Spotlight on services: Pharmacy First – We have produced this as part of our Spotlight on Services series to provide you with tips to support service delivery.

Operational Top-Tips Guidance document- We have produced this document containing top-tips for contractors in preparation to provide the service.

Remote Consultations Guidance document–  This  document containing practical considerations and other useful information to help you with remote consultations.

Emergency supply of medicines for Pharmacy First – We have produced a summary document of general points to consider outlined in the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 in the deliverance of Pharmacy First Service.

CPGM Webinar: Maximising Your Success with Pharmacy First and Minor illness – watch on-demand

We organised this event to see how the service is going one month in, hear tops tips and share best practice across Greater Manchester.

The team from CPGM and NHS Greater Manchester were also on hand to answer your questions and to offer support.

An on-demand recording of the webinar is available to watch via this link or the video below

Training and Webinars

In order to help you, CPGM have produced a summary document of all available Pharmacy First training providers

Pharmacy First: Summary of training and support available

CPE Webinars: Implementing Pharmacy First

CPE hosted a series of webinars to help pharmacy teams prepare for the new Pharmacy First service, and changes to the Contraception and Hypertension Case-Finding Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

CPE have published a page containing a range of FAQs

Promoting the Service

Patient leaflets for common conditions – When providing a consultation for one of the seven clinical pathways, patients can be signposted to this information.

NHSE promotional materials  – You can use these in your pharmacy and across your website and social media platforms to promote the service

Engaging with General Practice

CPE have  published a template letter/email that can be sent to GP practices introducing the service

They have also  published a briefing for GP practice teams that can also be sent with the letter/email.

A breakdown of all referral criteria and a quick reference guide has been produced for use by GPs to identify which patients can be referred to pharmacy as part of this new service. Please note that these documents have not been signed off by the NHS.

Pharmacy First template PowerPoint presentation for LPCs (general practice colleagues )

Below we have included links to documents that have been sent to GP practices in relation to this service. These have been uploaded for your information and reference.

NW 2024 PF Briefing Pack for GP Practice Teams

NW Pharmacy First GP support pack letter

Pharmacy First – explainer summary for general practice

CPE have published a range of new resources that you can use when talking to GPs about Pharmacy First. this include an animated video that explains how GP practices can refer patients and information about how the service works.

View and download the resources 

PharmOutcomes Resources

PharmOutcomes have launched a Resource Centre to support users with Pharmacy First. This area hosts a number of useful items including:

Further details about the service

The service involves providing consultations to give advice and NHS-funded treatment (via Patient Group Directions), where appropriate, for seven common conditions (clinical pathways consultations). The consultations can be provided to patients who self-refer to the pharmacy (e.g. walk-ins) as well as those referred by NHS 111, GPs and others.

The Pharmacy First service incorporates the existing Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS). Pharmacies will be paid £15 per consultation

From February 2024, in addition to the £15 consultation fee, a monthly fixed payment of £1,000 was paid to pharmacy owners who met a minimum activity threshold of clinical pathways consultations (the threshold will increase over time as set out below).

Month Minimum number of clinical pathways consultations
February 2024 1
March 2024 5
April 2024 5
May 2024 10
June 2024 10
July 2024 10
August 2024 20
September 2024 20
October 2024 onwards 30